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Day 9: My Hands

Day 9:  My Hands

Look!  It’s a slap-dash photo of my hands.

I took more, but none of them wowed me (at all).  But there they are– my hands.  They’re not the long, thin, elegant hands women in novels always seem to have, but they do my bidding with reasonable dexterity.  

Day 9:  My Hands

I never bother with fingernail polish.  Fact is, I’m terrible at applying it, and it doesn’t last long enough to be worth the effort, anyway. At least I no longer bite my fingernails like I did when I was a kid. ;o)  I usually keep them cut fairly short, though, for practicality’s sake.


I’m Michael (a female Michael, to remove any doubt).  I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast with my husband, Donald, and our crazy American Eskimo Dogs. 

I love to fill my spare time with various crafts and other hobbies, and this blog is where I share photos, record my progress, and ramble endlessly.

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