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Day 7 of 30 Days of Knitting

Day 7:  What is your least favorite piece that you’ve knit?

Well, if I don’t like picking favorites, I like picking least favorites even less! (g)  And I’m just as bad at it as I am at choosing favorites, by the way…

The first thing that comes to mind is my second knitting project ever– something I called a “Mini Dishcloth” that was just a tiny version of the “Grandmother’s Favorite” pattern.  I just wasn’t happy with the results at all (to the point that I never bothered to take a photo of it).  I’m sure that was due to my inexperience.  After all, with a name like “Grandmother’s Favorite”, it’s probably a decent pattern. ;o)

I was also disappointed in my attempt at a Calorimetry.  It looked so nice in so many of the example photos, but I had problems with holes (past the button holes) forming in the knitting– and then learned that they were just part of the pattern unless you did something differently… and I couldn’t figure out how to do that to my satisfaction.  I finally finished it, but I’ve never gotten around to sewing on a button (or sewing the two sides together).  It was just a “meh” project, by the time I’d finished it.  Such a shame!  If I ever stitch it closed and wear it, maybe I’ll decide I like it, after all. *shrug*

Unfinished Calorimetry

I was also a bit disappointed with the outcome of my first knitted hat– Hurricane Party.  It worked out okay-ish… except that when I started decreasing, my stitch definition/tension didn’t look quite as nice as it did on the straight sides of the hat.  I still haven’t washed and blocked it, though, and that may be enough to fix it…  (I do still love the color of the yarn, and if I could get the irregularities smoothed out, I’d love the hat, overall.  Easy pattern with nice results.)

My First Knitted Hat, In Progress

…Actually, I can think of at least one more knitting project that I could complain about (but I won’t).  Evidently I’m better at this grumping “least favorite” stuff than I thought!  ;o)

There have been several crochet projects that gave me trouble in one way or another, but I don’t think anything sticks out as a particular least favorite.  But for the sake of the meme… I was (and still am) disappointed that my “Sand Dollar Doily” didn’t lie flat.  Also, my first-ever doily was a mess.  I used variegated thread (very poor choice for that pattern) and turned my work after each round.  (Heh.  I knew so little about crocheting doilies back then!  Or reading written patterns…) And yet, for all that, I still kept and use the thing in my bedroom– though not in a prominent spot.  It won’t be winning any beauty contests, but it could have been worse:

Doily #1

Ugh, enough about least favorites.  I’d rather not dwell on disappointments.


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