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Day 7: Materials

My hand’s feeling much better today (so I’ve been getting a little done on the yellow doily– photo pending– and a secret-ish project), but the light was still very scant.  (We’ve gotten several inches of rain just over the past few days.)  Poor light and the fact that I slack off on weekends don’t lead to good photos. 

Day 7:  Materials

After reading today’s prompt, I decided to focus on just the materials I’m using for one of my current works-in-progress.  It’s an afghan made of paperweight grannies / African flower motifs (which I’m calling “A-Gypsying We’ll Go“).  I put it into “hibernation” mode on Ravelry, because I’m simply not working on it at the moment, but whenever I spare it more than a passing thought, I feel excited about working on it again, so before long…

That’s not all the yarn I’m using, either.  There are colors you can’t see, at the bottom of the baskets, and I’m planning on making the final rounds of the motifs in various shades of cream and beige.  (I may change my mind and go for something more uniform, but I think I’m pretty set on that idea.)


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