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Day 6: Color

My right hand is hurting today– probably the result of pulling too many weeds in the garden on Friday (she said, virtuously (g)).  I’m still managing to do a little crocheting on a new doily, but it has put a bit of a damper on my overall mood and willingness to put forth much effort.  For that reason (and all-day drizzle and rain), today’s photo is kind of uninspired.  But here it is:

Day 6:  Color

Waste not, want not. :o)

This is one of my jars of yarn scraps.  I can’t bear to throw away any length of yarn that could possibly be used, so I keep them in jars.  (I keep tiny, non-useful lengths of yarn separately, ostensibly to serve as pillow/amigurumi stuffing, sometime in the future.)  I’ve used some of these kinds of scraps earlier in the year to make a small gift item, and I’m planning on using more of them to make the smaller portions of motifs for pillows and/or an afghan (someday).  In the meantime, it makes me happy to see those bits of color all scrunched together behind glass.


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