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Day 3 of 30 Days of Knitting

Day 3:  Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?

Why, yes!  Yes, in fact, I have!  ;o)

It’s a bit silly to even list my Strangling Vine Lace Scarf as a WIP, since I have so very, very little done on it, but it’s still on a needle, so technically, I guess it counts as “in progress”.   It’s going to be my first lace knitting project in laceweight, assuming I ever go back to it…

In addition to the secret project I mentioned in yesterday’s answer, I have two other long-term secret projects in the works.  They’re both on hold, and because they aren’t “due” until Christmas, I may not resume work on them again for a while.  They’re both over 66% done.

I had almost forgotten my only other crochet WIP– even though it’s been sitting out in plain sight for the duration of its hiatus.  Ravelry reminded me of it, though.  It’s my first Elizabeth Hiddleson doily– a pattern named “Pretty Baby”.  I fail to see any resemblance to a baby (pretty or otherwise), so I’m calling mine “Lotus Bloom”.  ;o)  I set it aside to work on some other thread projects, but now that those are all wrapped up for the time being, I may pick it back up.  Reading my project notes on Ravelry reminds me that this pattern required a little more attention and interpretation than a modern pattern.  (I’d already forgotten that.)  I’d like to finish it soon, though…  Unfinished projects nag at the back of my mind, even though that doesn’t stop me from sometimes leaving them unfinished for long periods of time!


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