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Day 3: An Old FO

An Old FO

Today’s prompt is “An Old FO”.  I believe this is my very first crocheted finished object (not counting some loose granny squares of dubious workmanship).  I still remember sitting on the patio swing, joyfully crocheting this scarf one early fall morning… ;o)  And then noticing that my gauge on one side was noticeably different from my gauge on the other side.  Oh well, it’s wearable, and actually, I still really like the look of the scarf (if I do say so myself).

If you want to see photos of the whole thing, check out the Ravelry project page.  (A link to the pattern is also available on that page, of course.   There’s another version of Luna Lovegood’s scarf here, too– one that wasn’t available when I crocheted my scarf.)


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