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Day 27 of 30 Days of Knitting

Day 27:  How do you acquire most of your yarn?  Online retailers, local yarn shops, swaps, or large chain craft stores?  What’s your favorite?

I try not to spend too, too much on my crafty hobbies.  I still end up spending money on them, of course– and that’s ok– but I want to keep it as low as possible without taking all the joy out of it.  (g)

So, that said, I try to acquire most of my yarn (and thread) cheaply.  That means I shop more at large chain craft stores (when they have good sales, when I have a coupon, or when I find their yarn on clearance) than anywhere else.

I also love to buy yarn at thrift stores and the occasional yard sale, but of course stock at either place is unpredictable (and sometimes things are over-priced).  My mother has given me yarn she’s found at thrift stores, from time to time– which is always a nice surprise.  :o)  (I ought to go thrifting/yard-saling more often.  I enjoy looking and almost always find something— even if it’s just a knick-knack for the house– but it’s hard to work up the enthusiasm to make the extra stops, once this awful summertime heat sets in…)

I don’t buy yarn or thread online very often– usually only when there’s a very good sale or I want something that I simply can’t get from my usual local sources for yarn–  but when I have, I’ve been very happy with my purchases.  (Getting yarn in the mail!  How exciting!)

I’ve never taken part in a yarn swap.  I don’t think I’d care to, either… I’d rather just buy the yarn for myself and know exactly what I’m getting.  If I swapped, I think I’d end up feeling either afraid that the yarn I contributed wasn’t as nice as what I received– or disappointed, wishing I’d kept the yarn I sent instead of being “stuck” with something I didn’t like as much.  …I’m not really of the swapping personality, I think. (g)

And as for local yarn shops, I only know of one anywhere nearby (20-30 minutes away, in a part of the town where I hardly ever go)– if it’s even still open.  I’ve never been inside a local yarn shop.  I know that some people would think that’s a shameful thing– because it is somehow our “duty” to support the LYS– but… Well, again, I try not to spend too much on my yarn, and I have a feeling the LYS charges more than I’m willing to pay.  ~shrug~  I’d be curious to see what they have in stock, but I’m not planning a special trip anytime soon.

If money were no object and I could buy whatever I wanted without guilt, I’d probably shop more online.  I like seeing/feeling the yarn in person, but I doubt even the LYS has exactly what I’d want in stock.  The worst part about shopping online (in my opinion) is waiting for my purchase to arrive, but if money were magically no issue at all, I guess I’d be getting expedited shipping, too.  (g)


I’m Michael (a female Michael, to remove any doubt).  I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast with my husband, Donald, and our crazy American Eskimo Dogs. 

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