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Day 25 of 30 Days of Knitting

Day 25:  Do you have a knitting book or place where you keep patterns, ideas, size measurements?  Post a picture of it!

Most of my notes and ideas are kept online– either in this blog or on Ravelry.  (My Ravelry ID is MossyOwls, by the way.)  I’m not big on taking and keeping measurements, because I rarely make anything where the fit is crucial.  (Though I have sometimes wished I knew the hand/head measurements of family members, when I’ve been making hats or mitts for them.)

As for patterns, yes, I do have a few notebooks full of patterns I’ve printed from the Internet, free pattern sheets from craft stores, patterns printed on the inside of yarn labels, etc.  Those notebooks aren’t much to look at, really…

Here are a few photos of the 3-ring binders.  There are a couple more paper folders (the type with the three prongs for holding loose-leaf paper), but they’re even less interesting-looking. 

Crochet & Knitting Notebooks
Crochet Notebooks
Knitting Notebook

I also keep a lot of patterns stored on my computer– free patterns in PDFs and Word documents, mostly.  I sometimes put those patterns on the Kindle instead of printing them off, but really, I prefer either working from the computer screen (which is only ideal if it’s an easy pattern that I can quickly memorize or won’t need to refer to often) or printing them out (usually after I’ve removed any photos, to save ink).


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