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Day 23 of 30 Days of Knitting

Day 23:  If you had the supplies (and patience) for it, what project would you start today?  

If I had the supplies, the patience, and the skill– and if I didn’t already have too many WIPs…  I’m not sure.  I have a ridiculous queue on Ravelry— but most of those are patterns I probably won’t ever make.  Lots of them are very similar to one another, for one thing, and I only plan to use one those similar patterns (once I decide which I like most/best fits with my skill level or stashed yarn).  I use my Ravelry queue more as a bookmark list of patterns I might want to make than as a “to do” list of patterns I definitely plan to knit or crochet. 

Right now, if I didn’t already have too many projects going, I’d probably sit down on the couch, thumb through my collection of crochet motif books, choose one (or more) that struck my fancy, and start a new afghan.  I just really love crocheting motif-based afghans, and the planning/daydreaming phase is one of the best parts.  They offer unrivaled opportunity to play with colors, and each completed motif gives you a little sense of accomplishment.  And there are so many beautiful crochet motifs I want to try making…

I’d also love to start a lacy knitted shawl or stole, but considering how many problems I’ve been having with Multnomah, it feels like it’s going to be a while before that one’s done.  (As a result of the problems I’ve had with that simple pattern, I’m questioning whether I’m ready for detailed lace in laceweight yarn, yet.) 

Then there are doilies.  I’ve been feeling the itch for thread crochet again.  I have a project already in progress (the Hiddleson design named “Pretty Baby”), but the thought of starting something new is more alluring than the idea of picking up something already I’ve set aside– especially since the pattern sometimes requires a little more attention and involvement than a modern pattern. 

I’m pushing away temptation.  I have too many projects already in progress, and I’m going to finish at least one WIP before I start something new. 


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