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Day 18: Craft Books

Day 18:  Craft Books

As I’ve done all through this photo challenge, I’m focusing on yarn crafts, so I left out any books about other crafts.

These are (most of) my crochet and knitting books and booklets.  I’ve left out one book by accident and a few vintage pamphlets/magazines by design (didn’t want to dig them out), but this is the bulk of them. (This doesn’t include my notebooks full of print-outs of free patterns.)

I find I’m much more drawn to collections of motifs and stitches, when I’m looking for a crochet book to buy.  Rarely do I want to purchase a book of “just” patterns– because I usually don’t feel that I like enough of the patterns to justify buying the whole book.  If I find something cheap enough (library book sales and the like), that’s different, of course.  Also, doilies are a little different; for those, I will buy a whole book/pamphlet of patterns.


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