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Day 12 of 30 Days of Knitting

Day 12:  Where do you keep your stash?  Post pictures!

These days, I keep all my stash of yarn, needles/hooks, and craft books in my craft room– well, apart from the ones I’m currently using or keeping out as coffee table books. (The craft room was originally a spare bedroom that I gradually claimed as my own, because we so very rarely have overnight guests… but now I share it with my husband when he’s doing something crafty.)

Sometime during the past few years, my yarn stash kind of ballooned from not that much to, well, quite a bit.  Almost all of it was bought on sale/clearance, with coupons, at thrift stores, etc.– or given to me– but still, it’s a lot of yarn (and thread).

I keep the worsted weight acrylic in some plastic “not really milk crates” (and in a basket).

Yarn & Thread Stash

Most of the sport weight acrylic (which I have much less of) resides in another basket (next to a basket of cotton and wool yarns).

Yarn & Thread Stash

The unopened cotton thread takes up the bottom shelf of a small bookcase (ok, with a few balls stowed elsewhere)…

Yarn & Thread Stash

…while the partially used-up balls take up space on a shelf in a different bookcase.

Yarn & Thread Stash

Almost all of my novelty yarn is in a large plastic bin in the closet (out of sight, out of mind ;o))…

Yarn & Thread Stash

And the other yarn– cotton, sock yarn, wool, blends– is either in a little bookshelf-ish thing of its own or in baskets (or both).

Yarn & Thread Stash

Oddments of leftover skeins wait in a basket and a few jars (not pictured) and a small wooden crate on top of the acrylic worsted weight. (I use those for scrap-based projects.)

(See my Flickr photostream for these photos labeled with more specific “hover notes”. :o))

Yeesh, that’s a lot of yarn– which is why I’ve started my stash-busting novelty yarn blanket and have plans for more stash-busting projects.  …And I guess I’m also on a yarn diet of sorts… though I probably wouldn’t pass up a truly exceptional deal or next-to-nothing yarn at a thrift store.

Unlike some knitters/crocheters, space isn’t an issue for me right now– I can easily make room to store more yarn– but I do feel a little guilty about the sheer size of my stash, even though most of my yarn is of the thriftiest sort.

…But then I think about some of the stashes I’ve seen online that literally look like a yarn shop– a room overflowing with yarn, a trailer filled with thread– and I decide that, hey, my stash isn’t out of control, after all!  ;o)  I do like having extra yarn and thread on hand.  It’s fun to go and look it– plan out future projects– daydream about what I might make with this skein or that.  As vices go, a largish stash of craft supplies seems fairly innocuous. (g)


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