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Cutting Fabric for a Quilt

I’ve started cutting fabric for my first-ever from-scratch no-kit-involved non-rag-quilt quilt top!

I’m making a quilt of half-square triangles.
This won’t be news to anyone who quilts, I’m sure, but gosh, there are a lot of neat things you can do with HSTs (as the cool people call them).  So many fun looks from one little square. 

I’m really drawn to this star pattern
But pinwheels are fun, too– both the simple style and these with the 3-D effect
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what you can do with half-square triangles! 

I think that I’ll keep it simple, this time, though, and go for this style.  I’m not sure where the photo came from, unfortunately, but I like the quilter’s “restrained scrappy” aesthetic.  Using two different prints for each rhombus, yet toning down the scrappy look by keeping the paired fabrics in the same color family.  I’ll be aiming for something similar.

The first step is cutting the fabric.

Cutting fabric is not the best part of quilting, of course, but there’s still something calming about it– as long as it’s going according to plan.  The check-it-twice measuring.  The steaming away of little folds and creases.  The stacking of blocks of color.  The admiring of prints.  It’s the kind of thing you need music or radio for, though.  Otherwise, no thanks.

Cutting Fabric for a Quilt

Cutting Fabric for a Quilt

The colorful fabric is all cut and ready, now.  Next up is cutting the neutral fabric!


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