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Crumbs & Gel Prints

I feel like I’m perpetually behind schedule, so far this month.  (It’s been busy!)  Still, I want to take just a few minutes to update this blog so that it doesn’t get too far behind (and I don’t fall out of the habit of updating it… again).

Last time, I wrote that I thought I’d work on a simple king size bed quilt using vintage sheets.  I got as far as pulling the sheets out of the closet before I was sidetracked by other things.  (Hey, it’s progress!  I don’t think I’ll put those sheets back until I’ve cut the pieces for the quilt.)

When an opportunity (and mood) to sew next presented itself, I didn’t feel like digging in on that quilt, however, so I got to work on something else.  

Remember the crumb strips I’ve posted about before?  (Maybe not…)  Well, I have a bunch of them saved up, and I decided to get started assembling them into something.  I happened to have a large-ish piece of drab “army green” denim (stretch denim 😬) in my stash, just begging for a place to be used up.  Good enough for this project!  I started cutting it to the same size as the string strips (3″ x 10″), then paired a plain strip with a crumby one and started sewing!

This is how far I got before I ran out of cut denim:

I think I have roughly the same amount of the green denim left.  (I cut it in half to make it a more manageable size.)  That will probably be enough to call the quilt done, since I don’t have any specific plans or size goals for this one, and I’d rather not use more than one background fabric for this quilt. 

If there are leftover crumb strips (and there probably will be), they can find home in a different project.  

Lots of leftover crumb strips:

And more (un-pieced) crumbs have already accumulated, from “Bitcoin”.  I won’t be making strips from these.  It’s time for a new crumb-based pattern!

The only other craft-related thing I’ve done since last time was playing around with gel printing again.  I was working toward a goal, this time—creating gel prints to use in a collage card for my niece’s birthday.  We got her a gel plate, a brayer, and a few bottles of craft paint, so I thought a card made from gel prints was appropriate. 

Of course, because I was playing around, I ended up with a lot more prints than I needed, but that’s all part of the fun.  Some of these could probably use another layer or two…

Some of these (like the two purple prints at the top of the last photo) aren’t actually “prints” at all.  They’re the scrap paper I used for removing excess paint from the brayer, but they can sometimes be pretty interesting, too.  

Next is a photo of the collage I ended up with for the front of the card.  (The birthday party theme was “cats”.)  

It was such fun to make!  I’d forgotten how much I used to enjoy making collages, but it’s the perfect way to use the results of the gel printing “experiments”.  I see more collage in my future.  (Need to work on my gluing technique, though… This one was a little messy, partly because I started too late and needed it to dry quickly.)

No photos of this next part, but if you recall the cardinal eggs in my last post, I have an update!  Just today we’ve spotted the male and female taking turns bringing food to the nest, so the eggs must’ve hatched.  I haven’t tried to take a peek, and I may not.  Young hatchlings aren’t much to look at, in my possibly unkind but certainly honest opinion, and it’s probably better not to needlessly worry the parents, anyway.

Since I haven’t been crafting much, I haven’t been listening to much… While sewing and doing dishes, however, I did catch up on a few episodes of Spooked and Uncanny (podcasts).


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