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Crumb Quilt Top Finished

Just a quick update today!  

I finished putting together those strips of crumbs and denim.  The result is stay-stitched, folded, and put away for quilting at a later date.  

A few photos (though there’s not much to see, really):

Not much more to say about this one!

When I went to look at the leftover crumb strips, I found that I’d cut foundation papers and made notes for a new version of crumb strips—something that should accomplish what I’d originally planned to do with these other crumb strips.  

The plan was to sew them lengthwise into groups of four so that they’d be squares that could be turned in alternating directions.  A rail fence quilt, I think it’s called. 

Except… Well… Me and my math!  I failed to consider the fact that while 2.5 x 4 = 10, the last half-inch of seam allowance (a quarter-inch on each side) wouldn’t be “taken up” yet, when I needed to join them to the 10″ strip.  The crumb strips needed to be 3″ x 10.5″ long, not 3″ x 10″ long.  (Unless I’ve gotten confused again and typed this up incorrectly!  I know for certain that it wouldn’t work as they were, even if I’ve somehow messed up my explanation.)  That’s why I had to use this other configuration instead.

Anyway, at some point I wrote down a rough sketch and explanation for a new plan with differently dimensioned strips—and even went to the trouble of cutting a batch of foundation papers. 

Apparently, Past-Me decided that 3″ x 8″ will work to make rail fence units of 3 strips/rails per unit.  (2.75″ x 2 = 5.5″… plus 2.5″ = 8″.)  …If I’ve gotten it wrong again, this will be so embarrassing!  Or would be, if more than two people actually read this… 

So, despite saying that I didn’t want to make crumb strips again, I turned those leftover 10″ strips into 8″ strips and started making more from the overflowing crumb basket.  I guess we’ll give this new version a try. 

Not sure yet if I’ll alternate these with solid fabric or go full-crumb.  Plenty of time to decide, because this is another long-term project.  

Maybe I’ll post a photo of some of the new crumb blocks next time. 

I spent a little time playing with the gel press, but I don’t have much to show for it.  Maybe I can do some more in the next week.  

If it weren’t for needing to clean the stencils and things afterwards, I’d be more likely to just jump in and do a little now and then.  Also, I do this in the kitchen and feel like I need to clean up afterwards to make space and clean surfaces for food prep. 

It’s mostly a mindset, though.  If I want to spend more time playing with gel printing, I need to just make it happen.

Recent listening:  

Finished an audiobook—The Overnight Guest, by Heather Gudenkauf.  (I don’t recommend it without reservations, to be honest, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a nit-picky reader/listener.)  

Otherwise, I heard this bumper music on PlutoTV and really liked it, but unfortunately it seems that no-one can find an original (longer) source for it… Here’s a video on YouTube:

And for no real reason at all, here’s another random song I like to listen to while working.  It came from a Scandinavian crime drama I watched a few years or more ago:


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