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Crocheted Cushion Cover

As soon as I finished the last afghan (and thank you for all the kind comments, btw!), I decided my next project should be on a smaller scale.  Even though I already have the yarn set aside for the next blanket (help, I’m addicted), it just felt like an intermission was in order.  And yet I wanted motifs.  The natural choice was to make a crocheted cushion cover.

I looked through my books, in search of a nice square.  The one that grabbed me this time was Motif #106 from Beyond the Square.  It uses lots of BPdc (back post double crochet), which seems to be less common than FPdc (front post double crochet).  At least, I seem to have tended toward motifs that include FPdc more often than motifs with BPdc.  It’s an interesting stitch, though I do find it somewhat messier to work than FPdc… or plain old everyday regular dc.

I wanted to use up some of the scraps of beige/ecru/cream and brown yarn I had left over from the last afghan– and I was in the mood for blue, so I went scrap-diving and came up with two unmarked remnants from a thrift-store “bag o’ yarn” purchase– obviously the same yarn in related colorways.  (If I had to guess, I’d say they’re some brand’s version of dk country blue and lt country blue.  Very nice, slightly cottony acrylic.) 

So far, so good.  Blue, brown, beige, and cream.  A classic combo.

Then I saw the “Summer Sky” colorway of I Love This Yarn (which I’d also just used in the afghan) and put that into the mix.  At the time, I thought the slightly blueish/lavender cast of the Summer Sky looked pleasantly odd with the country blues.  A touch of whimsy!  ;o)

Now that I’ve crocheted several motifs, I’m wondering if they look just plain odd together.  (g)

35/365 - Cushion Cover

I could make enough motifs to make two cushions– one with the country blues and one with the Summer Sky and something else that “goes” better…

But nah, I doubt I’ll do that.  It’s only a cushion cover.  If you can’t go a bit wild with a pillow, where can you?  (Such a wild woman, combining a slightly lavenderish blue with a country blue!  I hope I haven’t shocked anyone too much… (g))


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