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Crochet Mood Therapy

Meh.  I am just not feelin’ it (as they say) today.  I even think I may be slightly depressed, which isn’t helping me get motivated to do all the crap that needs doing– one of which is letting some things go/moving past them so that maybe I won’t feel slightly depressed anymore.  So much easier said than done!  (I don’t think many people from my Real Life read this, so I feel a little more comfortable writing this kind of thing here, though I still “can’t” go into details… Every now and then, I wish my personal blog was anonymous, but it’s way too late for that, now.)

So.  One of the happier aspects of life at the moment is crochet.

I’m just about finished with the next-to-last round of my latest doily.  When that’s done, I’m not sure what I’ll start next. I might make a couple of mini doilies… (We’ll see.)  What I’m more tempted to do is start that afghan I wrote about last time.  I’ve already gone through my stash of yarn and picked out some colors I like together.  The “problem” is that I think I may have picked out a few colors too many… and now I can’t really bring myself to put any of them back.  It’s the perfect mix of colors.  (!!)  Heh, ok, maybe not, but you know what I mean.  Sometimes you find a color scheme that you just love.  It’s the prettiest color mix ever.  (Well, for the time being, at least.)  You know your life will never be complete if you don’t use that color scheme for this project.  …So I guess I will. (g)  I just have to decide if I want to start it now or wait until I’ve made a mini doily or two (which would be gifts)…

But first, I need to finish that doily.  That’s a priority.  It needs to move to the top of that never-ending to-do list.

(I do feel a little better now.  The thought of my new color palette and that afghan is a definite mood-lifter.)


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