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Crochet and Crumbs

There’s something new on the blocking mat!  It’s a thread crochet table runner that I started back in April, so it’s been a while in coming– though to be fair, I haven’t worked on it non-stop since then.  (It’s only felt that way, sometimes!)

My blocking job’s not perfect, but it’ll do.

Lace Crochet Table Runner

It’s a pretty design, and I’m happy with my results, but I wouldn’t want to make it again.  All that back and forth of crocheting rows (rather than rounds, which I prefer)!  The separate strips that require multiple “pep talks” to get started and finished!  The joining of the different elements!  The edging! 

Lace Crochet Table Runner

This was definitely a “product project” rather than a “process project”– meaning that I kept crocheting more because I wanted the finished product than because I particularly enjoyed the process of crocheting it.

Lace Crochet Table Runner

Once it’s dry, I’ll try to get some good photos without the blocking mat and all the pins, but even these snapshots give a decent idea of how it turned out.

Lace Crochet Table Runner

The next thread crochet project is already on the hook!  The pattern is named “Marion”— one of Grace Fearon’s oval doilies.  It looks so elaborate, with lots of texture.  Though I’m looking forward to trying more of the variegated Alize Miss Batik, I decided to keep the thread simple for this doily, to put all the focus on the texture.  I’ve just started, but the pattern’s fun so far.

– – – – – – –

I wanted some relaxing, carefree piecing, recently, so I took out my box of crumbs and some scrappy strings, as well as the partially-completed crumb blocks I was working on when I put it away, last time. 

There’s something very soothing and therapeutic about sewing small scraps of fabric together any-which-way.  It’s similar to the feeling you get when you’re “in the groove” on a mindless crochet or knitting project– like scrappy granny squares, for instance.

Crumb Quilting in Progress

No rules.  No fuss.  No mistakes.  Just little pieces of fabric and the sewing machine.  Maybe some music or a cozy TV program playing in the background.

Crumb Quilting in Progress

Crumbs join with other crumbs and strips to become… morsels?… and eventually full-sized blocks.

Crumb Quilting in Progress

I’m not sure how big a crumb(ish) quilt I’ll be making, but I know there’s a long way to go before it will be a finished quilt top.  That’s good; I think I like the piecing best, anyway.

Crumb Quilting in Progress

The crumbs ought to hop back into storage, soon, because the pumpkin window dressings are very close to being turned into quilt sandwiches– which may be precisely why I’m procrastinating with crumbs in the first place…


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