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Crayon Resists & a String Project

Time for another craft update!

Vintage Sheet Quilt

The vintage sheet project is at a standstill.  I finished sewing the large nine-patch units, but the next step is quilting them, and before I can do that, I need to get the current quilt off the frame.  I’ve been putting it off, because I just haven’t felt like dealing with it, yet.  Sooner or later I’ll have to take that plunge and get back into the FMQ frame of mind!

Crayons, Paint, & More

In the meantime, other projects have come to the forefront.  

First, I tried another version of the crayon resist papers (from the last blog entry).  This time, rather than taking crayon rubbings of stencils or texture plates, I filled the papers with doodles.  After that, the process is the same, tinting the pages with watered-down craft-grade acrylic paint.  

It’s lots of fun—highly recommended just for the fun of it.  

I also tried another technique I’d seen on YouTube tutorials—alcohol with acrylic paint. 

Basically, you paint a page and let it dry, then you go over the page again with a contrasting color of paint.  (I’m not sure if it should be watered down or not… I think I tried a few different consistencies, but no longer recall exactly what I did.) 

After applying the second color of paint, work quickly.  While the paint is still wet, drop rubbing alcohol onto the surface.  The alcohol should repel the wet paint, revealing the dry paint underneath for an interesting textured appearance.  

The tutorials I watched had some nice results.  Mine were less impressive.  I tried alcohol in a spray bottle first, but I think that was too fine of a mist.  Next, I dropped it on in larger droplets, but I think I need to give it another try when I have more time.  

You can see some of my attempts in the next photo, along with another experiment—painting thin washes of color over pages of ink doodles:

I also did a couple of slap-dash watercolor washes with the plan of going back over them later on, but I haven’t gotten that far yet… Maybe before next time.

"Cherry Crunch" Quilt Update

As I mentioned last time, my next quilt project is “Cherry Crunch”.  It’s a string quilt, and I wanted to do at least some of the string piecing on the treadle.  It’s been a while since I last treadled, because I do mostly reserve that for string projects.  The actual treadling comes back pretty quickly (like riding a bike!), but I needed to dust off the machine and oil it, then get everything set up properly, which took a little time.  

I pulled out all the neutrals strings I wanted to use for this project, including my “wild neutrals”—that is, the prints with neutral backgrounds but particularly bold or distracting patterns.  

I also pulled a handful of fat quarters that fall into the “wild neutral” category, then cut some strings from them.  The more variety the better!

Here’s the batch of strings I’m working from at the moment:

And here’s my set-up at the treadle.  I’m using the Singer 15-88, with an LED lamp at the side for better visibility.  The strings are on my left, and to the right, I keep a TV tray with my small iron—very convenient and effective for the frequent pressing that I prefer when string piecing.  

(Did I ever mention that I moved the Singer 15 into my craft room?  Originally, it was in the living room, with the Minnesota in front of the windows in my craft room.  But now that I tend to use the Singer more often, it made sense to put that machine and cabinet in my room.  The Minnesota is a decorative touch in the foyer, instead.)

Two Random Things...

How’s this for the first pull of letters in a game of Scrabble?  (Donald and I play with 8 tiles at a time to speed things along.) 

The view down the easement a week or two ago… (Just because!)

Recent Listening...

I was listening to The New Evil: Understanding the Emergence of Modern Violent Crime, by Michael H. Stone and Gary Brucato, but after finding it a little too heavy and depressing for my current frame of mind (I know, surprising, right?), I took a break from it.  I might pick it back up later.

Instead, I’m listening to a few early episodes of a new-to-me podcast, Brought to You By…  Each episode focuses on some interesting or little-known story about famous brands and companies and how they affect our lives.  I’ve only listened to a few so far, and some are better than others, but it seems promising for easy listening.  

For music, how about a blast from the past?  A little 80s synth?  This is Jan Hammer’s “Crockett’s Theme” from the Miami Vice soundtrack:


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