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Continuing the 30-Day Watercolor Challenge

Mostly Watercolors Lately!

I did cut the last batch of pieces for center of the “Cherry Crunch” quilt, today, but that’s all the progress on that project.  It shouldn’t take long at all to get those pieced, and then it’s time to start joining them!  

Otherwise, I haven’t done much crafty stuff since last time except continuing with the 30-day watercolor “jumpstart” challenge (or whatever you want to call it) from Terry Runyan’s Painting Happiness.  …Oh, and working a bit on my mushroom watercolor doodle.  Let’s start with that.

Shrooms, Dude.

(Sorry, that’s what passes for my sense of humor…)

You may remember from last time that I had doodled some random mushrooms in pen on an aqua wash.  I’ve spent a little time since then coloring it it.  

Yep, it’s still fun!  Just need to come up with some other things I can doodle and paint in with watercolor…

Now on to the 30-Day-Challenge stuff…

Day 4: "Dots"

Technically, I don’t think “dots” is on the list of prompts, but some similar things are, and obviously you’re free to use whatever you want as inspiration.  The prompts are purely optional.

I had seen some overlapping transparent dots recently (probably even in the book itself) and thought they looked like fun.  I’d like to try this again with different colors.  

After they dried, I decided to outline each dot in tiny black pen dots.  It makes such a difference!

Before (Well, During):


Day 5: "Faces"

For this one, I skipped ahead in the book to another project, just because it looked like fun!  

They’re kind of like the face doodles I used to make in pen years ago, but with a base layer of watercolor.  

I’d like to try this again, too, on a larger scale.  These were so tiny that it make it hard to get in the type of detail I would have liked to add.  But they were definitely fun to make!

Day 6: "Cats & Potted Plants"

At this point, the challenge gets progressively more complicated.  (If I’m doing it correctly… but honestly, I don’t think there’s a wrong way TO do it, as the whole idea is to get yourself painting at least a little bit every day for thirty days.)

Anyway!  Now I’m combining two ideas into the same painting.  I chose cats and potted plants and decided to try it both ways—pot on top of a cat, then cat on top of a pot.

This was fun to make, too, and I am trying to apply some of what I’m learning as I go— adding a bit of shadow to ground the animals and objects, for instance.  I see things I forgot (pink cheeks on the cats!) and would like to improve upon, but I do think I’m already feeling slightly more confident.  

One of these evenings, I heard something rustling under my painting/crafting table.

Who’s down there?

Mister Frodo! 

He was investigating, wedged into the narrow space between the table legs and the wall.  And… Licking the floor?  (I didn’t ask.)

Silly goose!


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