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Closer to Crunch Completion

Crunch Crunch Crunch...

We’re getting there a bit at a time on my variation on the “Cherry Crunch” quilt.  

I’ve written before that I didn’t think I would try to make a red string border for this quilt.  When I realized I had way (way) more neutral string units than I needed, that seemed like a good solution—use up some of those neutral strings as a border, instead. 

It felt like the quilt still needed a red border of some form, and I wanted to stick with that same single solid red I’d used for the corners of the bulk of the quilt.  There wasn’t much left in my stash, but I did the math (correctly, surprisingly enough) and was able to eke out enough strips to finish a skinny red border.  (I’m kind of proud of that, to tell the truth!)

The inner border, as you can see in the photo, is just solid white.  It’s probably a bit stark and might have looked slightly better if it were a small print, but this will be fine.  I wanted to keep things simple and just get this done!

I’ve stacked up the units to make the next (final?) border, and the first side is nearly ready to apply to the quilt top.  I’ll probably stop after this neutral string border, unless the quilt looks like it needs more.  

Updates will follow!

30-Day Watercolor Challenge!

We’re getting close to the end of the 30-day challenge.  At this point, I’m kind of just doing “something, anything” every day until the thirty days runs out, and then we’ll see where I go from there.  I doubt I’ll continue painting every single day, but who knows!  I do think this challenge has been helpful to get into the mode of painting regularly and not worrying too much if it doesn’t work out every time.  It’s a good way to give yourself permission to play and stop stressing about whether or not it’s “good” or looks like it “should”.  

Day 23: "Roses"

This is actually an exercise from another book.  I need more practice (and I think I know at least one way to improve), but I think this technique has promise!  It’s definitely a very fast way to make a rose…

Day 24: "Patterned Cats"

This is based on an idea from a tutorial YouTube suggested.  I’m enjoying this artist’s style, and she has many free tutorials available for inspiration and instruction.  Here’s a link to her channel:  Diane Antone Studio

For this one, start out by painting your basic shape—in this case, a couple of cats.  Then, when they’ve dried, go back and add embellishments like facial features and whimsical doodles.  I used ink, watercolor, markers, and more for my details.  Nothing is off-limits.

I’d like to try this again on a slightly larger scale so there’s more room for doodles and decorations.  

Day 25: "Hearts"

Gotta be honest here:  For this one, I was tired, didn’t have a lot of time, and just needed to do “something” so I didn’t miss a day in the challenge.  

I opted for the simplest of the simple.  Just paint your shape (hearts, this time) in plain, clean water.  Then, while the paper is still wet go back and add different colors of paint to the shape.  The colors can bleed into one another with interesting (and sometimes unpredictable) effects.  You can also add more touches of paint before it completely dries to boost the saturation or add texture.

Day 26: "Mushrooms"

This was another “just get it done” effort, but I’m happy with how it turned out.  

Paint just parts of the mushroom shapes—mostly caps, but also a few stems and rings/skirts (the thin piece that some mushroom species have that covers the top of the stem).  

After the paint dries, add the rest of the details in ink.  (Or you can add more paint, color pencil, etc.)  You can add more mushrooms in just ink, too.  Outline the painted sections, or don’t.  Anything goes!

I like doodling mushrooms because they’re so simple to draw, so recognizable, and can come in so many interesting varieties.  You can play with shape, size, color, and so on:  They never seem to look “wrong”, to me.  


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