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Citric Acid Retroghan

I’m making progress on the Citric Acid afghan!

First, I had to make enough of the citric-shaded triangles…

Citric Acid Retroghan (WIP)

Then I joined them together in strips. That went pretty much just as I’d mentally pictured it– except that it did take more than I’d expected of the triangles to achieve the desired length. No problem! Just whip up a few more.

After they were joined into three strips, I had to figure out what to do about the ends of each strip.  I wanted them “even” on both sides, but obviously a triangle doesn’t quite work that way.  I tried a few different things and finally settled that the best I could do was to try to figure out a “half-triangle”.  That took a few tries, too, but I finally got something close enough to half of the triangle motif I’d selected for this project (Motif 78 from Beyond the Square), so I crocheted six of those and evened out the strips.

Now for the fun part!  Free-style crochet!  (Or as close to it as I’m ever likely to get.)  The strips of triangles will run lengthwise down the blanket, and I’m going to crochet (again, lengthwise) between the strips to fill in the rest of the blanket– likely with some on the edges… and a border to top it all off.  I’m making up these vertical stripes as I go, not following any color-scheme or pattern.

Citric Acid Retroghan (WIP)

(That’s my Eskimo-bug, Trixie, checking out my progress.  She approves!)

I think it’ll look interesting (if nothing else), when it’s done.  I’m certainly having fun crocheting it!  The colors are very “groovy”– not really my usual style, but in some ways, that’s freeing.  It’s “just” a stash-busting blanket.  Much of the yarn I’m using is something I didn’t absolutely love to itty-bitty pieces to begin with (or remnants that needed “using up”), so I can do whatever I want and not feel like I ought to have done something better / more special with it.  *sigh of relief*  ;o)  If it turns out wobbly on the edges– so what?  If it hurts your eyes to look at it– *shrug*!  It’s a very go-with-the-flow project.  That pink-and-purple sampler I’m working on is the same way and is actually what inspired me to start this blanket.  Funny how something started just on a whim can end up broadening your crafting horizons…


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