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Citric Acid Retroghan

We’re expecting houseguests in early September, and I’ve been meaning to use their upcoming visit as a metaphorical kick in the behind to get me started on a major house-cleaning mission.  There’s a multi-page list of To-Do’s, and I’ve barely scratched the surface…

What better time to start another large-scale project?!  (Well, one can’t be cleaning constantly, right?)

It started innocently enough as a plan for a cushion cover– just an excuse to try out one of the triangle motifs in Beyond the Square— but somehow, it’s morphed into a plan for a whole afghan. 

I’m using Motif #78 as the basis, but I think I’ll jazz it up a little and make it something other than just a bazillion triangle motifs.  I’ll show you once I’ve gotten far enough along to see if it works.  To start with, though, I’ll need a bunch of triangles…

Citric Acid Retroghan (WIP)

Citric Acid Retroghan (WIP)

(Those photos are a bit blurry. Sorry!)

The color scheme is “Citric Acid”… aka just plain “Citrus”… aka “Ugh, That Reminds Me of the 1970s! / My Eyes!  My Eyes!  They Burn!”… aka “Yellow, Green, and Orange”… aka “I Have a Thing For Analogous Color Schemes”. (I think that about covers it.)  It is a stash-busting project, so I’m trying to use only yarn I already have in my stash without purchasing more.  We’ll see how that works out.  I tend to like kooky, scrappy afghans, so I think I‘ll be happy, in any case. 

Oh, and I just remembered I was supposed to photograph my Moorish Mosaic Afghan.  Oops.  I’ll write about that next time!


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