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Circle of Friends Progress Report

I think I have nearly half as many squares as I need to finish the Circle of Friends Baby Afghan!

I had fifteen squares when I took these photos, yesterday afternoon. I now have seventeen… and I think I’m going to stop when I’ve made thirty-five squares.  (That’ll be 5 squares by 7 squares… which, considering that the motifs are about 7 inches square, I think is about right.  I don’t want to make it too big and unwieldy for a young child.)

I’m eager to finish those remaining eighteen motifs so I can see it all put together!

Here are a few beauty shots:

Macro 17/31:  Making Progress

Colorful Crochet

Colorful Crochet

…And here’s a boring one to show the color combinations of the first seventeen squares:

Keeping Count

(Some of the squares look quite a bit smaller than the rest, in this photo, but I think that’s exaggerated by the slight angle of the view… They’re closer in size in real life… and I think that they’ll work out fine when I start crocheting them together.)

As much as I’m enjoying this project, I have to admit that my fingers are itching to try something different.  It’s a very nice motif, though.  I recommend it very highly!  There’s plenty of room to play with color (if you like– or you can limit the color changes).  It has an interesting texture (which looks much more complicated than it actually is).  The pattern is easily memorized and executed, but the results look pretty impressive, I think.


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