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Circle of Friends Afghan Progress

Time for a couple of progress photos!

First, a detail photo of the first Circle of Friends motif I made…

Macro 7/31:  Circles in the Square

And here’s a (rather blurry) photo of all the squares I had made as of yesterday afternoon.  (I finished one more last night, though, so I’m up to six!)

Circle of Friends Blanket Progress

(The one in the upper left-hand corner is the second one I made.  It’s my least favorite, so far– too “circus-y” for my tastes– but I think it’ll be fine when they’re all mixed and matched together.)

I’m going to make all the squares before I begin connecting them, so there’s plenty of time to arrange them just so.  …And also plenty of time to agonize over the final placement.  ;o)

…I have to say, I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out.  I think it’s going to be very bright and cheery, indeed!

One thing I noticed is that my squares measure about 7 inches instead of the 8 inches mentioned in the pattern.  I’m not sure why.  I’m using worsted weight yarn with an H hook (which the pattern suggests, I believe.)  On the other hand, I did change the ch-3s to ch-2s… And of course gauge varies from person to person.  Anyway, I’m fine with them being 7 inches– but I think I’m going to make the blanket five squares wide instead of the 4×5 I’d originally (tentatively) planned.  As for how long it’ll be, that depends on how things look when I get closer to the project’s end.  5×6?  5×7?  Probably one or the other of those dimensions. 

I have many squares yet to crochet!  (Yay!)

P.S.  My fingers are confused today.  I can’t seem to type “circle” or “square” correctly on the first try, no matter how many times I need to type them!


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