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No photos today.  Maybe tomorrow.  :o)

I’m still working on the Gypsying afghan.  You may have noticed that it’s taking a while.  (g)  It’s still a joyful project, though, so let it take as long as it will!

– – – – – – –

Over the weekend, I put in some knitting time on that Thick & Quick Ribbed Cowl that I cast-on for on New Year’s Day.  When I got to the point that the pattern tells you to bind off, I still had about 30 grams of yarn left, out of a 100 gram skein.  (This was partly because I used smaller needles and partly because I worked only five– rather than six– rounds for each of the knit-only sections.  Maybe I’m a tight knitter, too; I’m really not sure…)  I hated to have that much yarn left over (with no plan in mind for its future use)– and I thought the cowl could do with some extra height– so I’m knitting another 5 rounds knit-only and 5 rounds ribbing before binding off.  I hope I’ll have enough.  It’ll be annoying if I have to rip back, but it’s bulky yarn, so it’s not a huge investment of time. 

– – – – – – –

I’ve been slowly working my way through one of those new crochet books I mentioned before.  It seems to be a good one.  I’ll write a little review about it, one of these days– but before I get to that one, I’ll quickly review a couple other crochet books in my “library”.  Again, one of these days. 

– – – – – – 

Ugh, it’s been too warm these past several days.  Far too warm for January, even by Alabama standards.  I hope the cooler weather returns soon and that we aren’t cursed with an extremely early spring.  There’s so much I need to do outdoors, and I’d hoped to get some of it done before the misery of summer set in…


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