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“Cherry Crunch” Continues

More Cherry Crunching

I’ve put in some more time on “Cherry Crunch”!  

First, I finished piecing the last folded corners.  

Next, I paired them up and stacked them for easy grabbing for the next step…

And then it was time to join those up and arrange them on the design wall.

And that’s where it stands, now. 

This is just part of the units waiting to be joined—more than half of them—and once those are all off the wall, then I’ll arrange the rest of them.  

It’s starting to look like something!  Of course, there are multiple borders still to go, after these are all joined, so we’re a long way from finished (especially at my current pace).  

Return to the Shrooms...

I thought I was done with the latest mushroom watercolor (shared in the last post), but then I felt like it needed more, so I went back and added some more dots to the bottom of the background (behind the mushroom stems).  

…Looking at the before and after, I’m not sure it was an improvement.  Everything’s kind of blending together where I added the yellow.  Maybe the background needs to be darker. 

It’s probably not worth sharing again, either way, but this is just to say that sometimes I do go back and add touches to things after sharing them here.

30-Day Watercolor Challenge!

Day 7: "Bear" & "Boat"

The hardest part of this challenge is not criticizing, explaining, making excuses, etc.!

Maybe I should just present these without comment… 

This continues the “combine two ideas” part of the challenge.  

Day 8: "Cactus" & "House"

Day 9: "Cats" & "Glasses"

Day 10: "Truck" & "Cupcake"

The next phase combines three topics, which technically some of the “two-idea” doodles already have.  (The one above has a dog, for instance.)  So this shouldn’t be too much of a stretch, I hope!

More Watercolor Doodles

In between the “Challenge Doodles”, a few other doodles have sneaked in.  I’m still taking washes and salt experiments and trying to turn them into… something.  

This first one is similar to another doodle I showed recently—draw some shapes, darken the background, and add interest to the shapes.  The last one had more of a beach glass and seashell feel.  This one started out with golds and greens, so not really beachy.  Instead, it made me think of stones… Agates, maybe?  So I added a few dashes and lots of dots, mostly along the transitions between colors within each shape. 

I like how the “agates” turned out!

For this last one, I took another recent “experiment”.  Remember this one?  I used a little salt, but mainly was trying out the effect of spattered clean water on damp paint.  (It’s a more subtle effect than salt, but still pretty!)

Looking at it to see what it could be “doodled” into, I thought the two blue stripes could be a sky and water, divided by a strip of land (green).  After that, the idea of making the other green stripes rolling hills felt obvious.  

I added lines to delineate the areas of the landscape, put in a simple house shape, the path/road, some trees… and another house on the horizon.  A bit of border detail disguises the messy edges of the watercolor.  

Oh, and then I added some white highlights in gel pen—moon, stars, lights in the houses, chimney smoke… And a (probably totally out-of-scale) boat with two people in it, on the water.  

I have to say, I’m happy with how this turned out, considering that it started out as just a random collection of stripes with no real plan.  


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