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Checking In

This is a boring “checking in” post with no photos to share.  (Next time?)

— I finished knitting the scarf from last post.  Have yet to weave in the ends and block it.

— Still haven’t blocked the three “Meret” berets…

— Still haven’t weaved ends and blocked the Hiddleson doily (“Pretty Baby”)…

— Haven’t done much on the quilted table runner…

This isn’t sounding good. (g)

What I have done (aside from knitting the scarf) is pull another languishing project– the “Granny’s Step-Daughter” project– back out of hibernation, as part of the campaign to reduce the backlog of UFOs.

I wrote a long post about these pillow covers over a year ago, but then (for some reason) set them aside.

I’ve just finished crocheting the last (fourth) panel.  I guess I’ll go ahead and turn them into throw pillow covers, though at this point, we don’t really need more pillows.  (I’ve made at least another couple of other crocheted pillows since putting this project into hibernation.)

One alternative I’ve considered is to use the panels as blocks for an afghan, but they’re not big enough on their own, so I’d have to devote more yarn to the project– expand it with a group of supplemental afghan blocks.  I don’t think I’m excited enough about it to do that.  So pillows it will be!

I’m thinking of making them removable covers (instead of crocheted closed).  I’ll probably add a ruffled edge like the one on this pillow (Ravelry link).

Photos soon, I hope, but no promises on when they’ll be done (because I also have to make the pillow inserts).


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