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Cha-ching: More Bitcoins!

I don’t have much more to report since the last blog entry, except “more of the same”, but progress is being made.  I’ve carried on with making the “stacks of coins”, chipping away at the project, piece by piece.

Here’s what the design wall looked like when I decided it was time to start joining up the long strips or columns:

After joining together some of these long strips, there was enough space on the design wall to start lining up the remaining pieces right there, rather than pick out pieces for just one strip at a time.  

Each pair of columns of units in the photo below is one more “long strip”, with the leftovers clustered on the right edge:

As they come together, I drape the finished strips over a closet door.  It’s finally starting to look pretty full.

I believe I only need another 9 long strips, at this point, and I have another batch of units nearly ready to join up.  However, it’s doubtful that what I’ve made will be quite enough.  I’ll count them, lay them out, and then determine exactly how many more are still lacking.  

I’m getting closer all the time, but phew!  This project is taking longer than I expected!  And of course these long strips still need to be joined in the other direction, too.  There’s no deadline, though, so it can just take as long as it takes!

I’ve finished listening to Daisy Darker and am now listening to some horror—The Talisman, by Jonathan Aycliffe.  


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