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Quilt-Related Odds and Ends

Still in the “catching up” phase of blogging!  At this point, I’m down to the “odds and ends” section.  The bottom of the barrel, if you will.  😁 First up, the last quilty-ish “finish” since I went AWOL.  It’s not a full quilt or even a wall quilt, which is why it didn’t deserve a […]

Two More Done and One on the Way!

Here are another two completed blocks for the on-going sampler afghan! First, up, “It’s Spring in June Somewhere…”: (I’m giving all my blocks names with some reference to spring, since springtime pastels were my inspiration for this sampler.  Technically, June is considered part of spring, in many parts of the world, but around here, it’s usually […]


Old business first. Photo of the blocked “Glam Cowl”: Blocking did make it significantly bigger and opened up the yarn overs.  It also helped with the rolling edges, though there’s still a certain tendency to roll.  The nature of the stitch, I guess.  If I were to make this pattern (or something similar) again, I […]

Big Round

Big Round, a photo by MossyOwls on Flickr. This one turned out wobbly, but I think it’ll straighten out after afghan assembly. 

Another Doily

144/365 – Doily, a photo by MossyOwls on Flickr. …also for Granny’s birthday. I wasn’t totally thrilled with how this one blocked out, but it’s ok… and once you put something on it, it’s almost impossible to see incongruities, imho.

A Doily

Doily, a photo by MossyOwls on Flickr. …made for my maternal grandmother’s birthday last month. :o)

Playing Possum

Yarn made from possum fur… I’ve seen it mentioned once or twice before, but somehow I manage to forget, so each time feels like the first… That sensation of disbelief.  It’s not uncommon to see opossums (which we call just “possums”) around here, foraging for food in the woods or as roadkill.  Are the Australian […]


100/365 – Crochet Project, a photo by MossyOwls on Flickr. A bunny in the making…