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Strings & Treadles

Neutral Strings for “Cherry Crunch” Apart from a couple of evenings of diamond painting (no photo, but I think I’m about halfway through), craft time lately has been spent working on the string project.  That means: time spent at the treadle string-piecing those “wild neutrals”… then time at the cutting mat, trimming them down into […]

Crayon Resists & a String Project

Time for another craft update! Vintage Sheet Quilt The vintage sheet project is at a standstill.  I finished sewing the large nine-patch units, but the next step is quilting them, and before I can do that, I need to get the current quilt off the frame.  I’ve been putting it off, because I just haven’t […]

Welcome, Singer 15!

There’s a new old sewing machine in the house.   That is, a new-to-me vintage sewing machine.   It’s been here in the house for a while, actually, but what with one thing and another, I haven’t gotten around to writing about it until now.   Okay!  Confession:  I actually wrote most of this blog post back in […]

Finished! “Retro-Cali Ribbon Stars” Quilt

  This “ta-da” has been a long time coming, so I don’t really have much to say about it…   I started by making string blocks on the treadle.  (Wanting to sew strings on the Minnesota treadle was the whole reason for starting this project.)  I then transformed these string blocks into HSTs (two HST blocks […]

October Catch-Up

This blog has been quiet for the past month-and-a-half.  What with one thing and another, it hasn’t felt like the time to write.  Donald was away for a while to attend his father’s funeral and spend some time with the rest of his family in Sweden.  Now that he’s back home again and we’re returning […]

Treadle Update, Mostly

Here I am again, trying to do better than one blog post per month… 😅 The first topic for today is a bit of a weird one.  Remember those mysterious paper circles (“confetti” with something inside) I found in a small box with the spare needles for the Minnesota?  Here’s the photo again, for a […]

The Minnesota Comes to Alabama

Warning! 😉 This is a particularly long blog post.  It’s essentially everything I know and want to remember about a new-to-me sewing machine, so it probably has a lot more information than anyone else (except possibly a budding fan of vintage sewing machines) would ever want or need.  Tl;dr version:  I bought a treadle sewing machine […]