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Open-Window Season

Last time I wrote, Donald and I had colds.  Unfortunately, we did have to miss seeing anyone else for Easter, but at least now the colds are completely gone, and we’re enjoying beautiful open-window weather.  I love being able to hear birds calling, airplanes passing overhead, windchimes, and leaves rustling in the breeze as I go […]

Springtime, Sniffles, and a Change of Plans

Last week, Donald came down with a cold, and a few days later, I came stumbling after.  As colds go, it hasn’t been a particularly bad one, and it’s been a long, long time since I’ve had an actual cold (as opposed to a few sniffles or sneezes from allergies).  The timing’s not great, though, […]

Goodbyes & Hellos

My family has experienced another loss since the last time I wrote.  About a week ago, my paternal grandmother passed away at the age of 83.   Granny W. was my last living grandparent.  Coming less than six months after the passing of Grandpa L., this feels like the end of an era for me, but […]

Morning Glories Flimsy

My “Morning Glories” quilt top (a.k.a. flimsy) is finally finished!  It’ll go onto the pile of quilt tops waiting for quilting, but first, I snapped a few photos of it.   This project felt like moving in slow motion, for some reason.  Maybe it’s just the foundation paper piecing, but I’ve done that before and didn’t […]

Leaping into Another Project (Soon!)

It’s my last chance to update the blog during the month of February—and an opportunity to get a February 29th time/date stamp—so here I am! Spring has made its presence known, though we’re currently experiencing a brief cool spell.  The Japanese magnolias, azaleas, and loropetalum (pink and white) are all in full bloom.  It’s time […]

Freezing, but Not Frozen

We’re having some very cold weather here—or at least it’s cold for this area!  Last night our low was 18°F, I think, or thereabouts, and we have more cold weather still to come (though not quite that low, thank goodness).   It may not sound that extreme, but for coastal Alabama, it is!  Some places in […]

Time Marches On

Since I wrote my last blog post, my family lost another member of our oldest generation.  Near the end of October, my maternal grandfather passed away at the age of 85.  Loss is always painful—but there’s comfort in the knowledge that Grandpa is with Granny, now, after enjoying a long and full life. I’m grateful […]

Halloween Quilt-Top Finished & Christmas Jelly Roll Piecing

I didn’t quite finish the Halloween quilt top by October 31st, but it was pretty close!  Here it is hanging over the lighting rail on the quilting frame: And here’s a final “in progress” shot of the layout that spilled off the design wall and onto nearby surfaces, including the floor… I’m satisfied!  Just need […]

Welcome, Singer 15!

There’s a new old sewing machine in the house.   That is, a new-to-me vintage sewing machine.   It’s been here in the house for a while, actually, but what with one thing and another, I haven’t gotten around to writing about it until now.   Okay!  Confession:  I actually wrote most of this blog post back in […]

The Minnesota Comes to Alabama

Warning! 😉 This is a particularly long blog post.  It’s essentially everything I know and want to remember about a new-to-me sewing machine, so it probably has a lot more information than anyone else (except possibly a budding fan of vintage sewing machines) would ever want or need.  Tl;dr version:  I bought a treadle sewing machine […]