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Painting Happiness

“Cherry Crunch” Continues… Well, for the current quilt-piecing project, there’s good news and… weird news. The good news:  I’ve gotten better at getting more consistent results with the Simple Folded Corners ruler.  Not always perfect, but more consistently accurate(ish).   (Below, see some of the units and the pairs of bonus triangles stacking up:) The weird news:  While […]

New Year, Old UFOs!

I’ve been trying to finish up a couple of old UFO quilting projects, lately.  There are so many other new projects I’d like to start, but the backlog of UFOs was weighing on my conscience.  I’ll feel better with some of the old WIPs wrapped up and scratched of that mental list.   – – – […]

Welcoming the Juki into the Fold

There’s a new sewing machine in the house!  And this time it’s an actual new machine, not a “new” vintage machine.   I bought my “old” computerized sewing machine– a Brother Designio DZ2400– during a Black Friday sale in 2014.  It’s been a good machine, and it’s still going pretty strong.  So much so that I’m […]

Diamond Painting (FO and a New One)

I finished a larger-than-usual (for me) diamond painting, since last time.  There wasn’t much left to do, after I filled in most of it while Donald was travelling in July.  (He went to a figure-painting show in the Netherlands, then visited his family in Sweden.)  I needed a break from it, so set it aside.  […]

Sea Glass, String HSTs, and Magnifier

I’m back, and it hasn’t even been a month since the last entry!  😁 Nothing new is finished, but I have a few photos to share. First up, here are the string blocks waiting to become HSTs.  I’ve made sure to use a wide strip in the center, since that’s where they’ll be cut in […]

A Tale of Two Tapes

While trimming down a batch of string squares (not many more to sew!), it occurred to me that I could share a couple of tape-related tips here on the blog.  (Something to fill in the gap until I get around to taking a few photos for the next project-related post.) These aren’t ground-breaking, cutting-edge ideas […]

WIP Updates (and Some Griping About Flickr…)

I have an update on the yarn I’ll use for the 2018 Advent Scarf project, but that’ll wait for another blog post.  This time, I’m here to share a couple of progress photos of a couple of WIPs (and to complain a little about something). First, there’s the “Sitka Spruce” hat.  As expected, it looked […]

Steel Crochet Hooks

I blogged recently about a new set of steel crochet hooks I’d ordered. While I was satisfied with the quality for the price, they weren’t exactly what I’d been expecting.  Mainly, the metal part of the hook didn’t run the full length of the handle and the texture of handle was more plasticky than the […]

New FOs and Steel Crochet Hooks

First, a couple of sets of finished objects! I recently came across this (free) pot-holder pattern (“Double-Thick Diagonally-Crocheted Potholder”), which is perfect for mindless crocheting. I wanted to use up what cotton yarn I had in-stash (which turned out to be Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton!), so I had limited color choices.  It’s kind […]

Rubber-Handled Crochet Hooks

The Tulip Etimo Rose hook arrived earlier this week, so I decided to pull out all my similarly sized rubber-handled hooks and do some comparison. (I left the Clover Amour hook mostly out of it, because that’s a steel hook and the handle is not likely to be quite the same size as a Clover […]