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Odds and Ends Around the Craft Room

There are too many random photos to give them each their own blog entry, so I’m going for the hodge-podge method. – – – – – – – I believe this was the first quilt top I pieced. (If it wasn’t this, it was the string quilt from the kit Mom made for me, but […]

More Finished Projects

Continuing where my last post left off… I made a couple of doilies for Granny W. using a dusty rose thread that matches some of her decor. First, a pattern that I’ve used before (in blue, that time).  I found the chart online, and I don’t  remember much about it.  I don’t know its name– […]

Shave and a Haircut– Rag Quilt Style

If you’ve ever sewn a rag quilt, you know what a mess they can be to wash and dry those first few times. Even after they come out of the dryer, the work isn’t done, because they usually need a little haircut– mostly for threads that are too much longer than the rest. Then there’s […]

Wrap-Up– for Reals This Time ;o)

Ok, time to really wrap up the (handmade) Christmas gifts.  When I started (and named) this blog, I didn’t realize that I’d eventually become so enamored of crochet (and knitting).  I expected to spend more time learning to sew than I do– but I do still sew a little, with plans for more, eventually– and […]

A Rag Quilt for Dad

Let’s see… Has it really been two months since my last blog entry here?!  Where to start? …Well, I’ve done a bit of sewing since my last post.  I made a denim rag quilt for my father’s 50th birthday, back in November.  The “sandwiches” were denim on the front and flannel on the back, but […]

Rag-Quilted Pillows

After thinking about it for a long time (as usual), I finally got around to sewing a few rag quilt-style throw pillows. When I snapped these photos, the light was a little low, and they turned out a bit blurry. Maybe I’ll take and post a few better ones, one of these days, but I […]

More Photos of the Lattice Window Rag Quilt

I decided to take a few more photos of my second rag quilt, and while I was at it, I thought I’d put them here, too: I think this orientation better shows why this quilt (on paper) reminded me of the window (as I wrote about in my last entry). Of course, these are just […]

“Lattice Window” Rag Quilt

Last weekend, I washed my second rag quilt. Before the photos, here are a couple of reminders for my future self– or tips for anyone new to rag quilting: First Tip:Double or triple check that you’ve snipped all the seams of your quilt, but even after that, be sure to give it one more good […]

All Ragged Out

I finally completed the ragging process on my lap quilt, this afternoon. Here’s the detailed play-by-play, in case anyone’s interested (and in case I should forget my own process, if it takes me another couple of years to get the next rag quilt ready for ragging): First, I made a “blanket bag” for washing the […]

More Rag Quilting Links

I don’t think I’ve linked to these pages before. . . The following are a handful of rag quilting-related sites and photos I came across within the past couple of weeks. – – – – – – – – – – – – I really like this type of rag quilt, with its “circles and […]