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Doily Photos (& Miniature Food)

I hinted in an earlier entry that I was working on yet another “Summer Splendor” doily.  (That makes four!)  This one was for my paternal grandmother.  The thread is Red Heart Classic Crochet Thread (size 10) in “Delft Blue”.  I still like the pattern and recommend it to other doily enthusiasts, but four times is […]

Mysteryghan, Etc.

Mysteryghan Update: I’m all finished (ends even woven in) and ready for the next clue, which is due out tomorrow. Clue #3 (“Happy Flower”) was for four larger squares.  Slightly trickier to crochet than the other clues, so far.  Here’s one of the squares… (There are photos of the others on the project page.) I […]

Clay-Covered Crochet Hooks

Ever since I started crocheting seriously, I’ve planned to “eventually” try covering a crochet hook with polymer clay.  (Not surprising, considering that before I became obsessed with crochet, I was similarly obsessed with polymer clay.)  Yesterday afternoon, I finally gave it a try. I chose a few hooks that I have duplicate sizes of, which […]

Photos Aplenty

To make up for the last image-less entry, here are some hastily-snapped photographs… – – – – – – – I forgot to mention that I crocheted a little doily for my mother’s birthday. I tried out the heart-shaped doily from Patricia Kristoffersen’s 99 Little Doilies, using the left-over thread from when I crocheted her […]

Wrap-Up– for Reals This Time ;o)

Ok, time to really wrap up the (handmade) Christmas gifts.  When I started (and named) this blog, I didn’t realize that I’d eventually become so enamored of crochet (and knitting).  I expected to spend more time learning to sew than I do– but I do still sew a little, with plans for more, eventually– and […]