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Finished: Knitted Pincushion / Doo-Dads Cushion

I completed the three knitted rectangles for this pincushion back in October but put off assembling it because I didn’t know how to sew it together perfectly. Well, fast-forward however-many months and I still didn’t know, but I decided to just do it anyway– any-which-way. For some reason, I had a hard time visualizing how […]

Finishing Spree

I’m going on a finishing spree (applies only to projects I can finish relatively quickly and easily– not to projects that have substantial amounts of work yet to be done).  It’s about time; some of these UFOs have been hanging around for months. – – – – – – – First up was the Celtic […]

Beautiful Crocheted Pincushion

This project combines my new(ish) interest in crochet with my already existing interest in pincushions! Crochet Tomato and Strawberry Pincushion from Karabouts: Isn’t it charming?  The yarn used for the pincushion in the photo (Berroco Suede) gives it a glamorous, velvety appearance, but I’m sure you could get attractive results from a variety of other […]

New Photos of Old Mice

Though I’ve posted a couple of videos featuring these felt mice pincushions, I don’t think I’ve ever put up a still photo of the group. Here are a couple: (I’ve written before about making this type of pincushion. The mice in the tutorial from which I got the idea look a little different from mine. […]

More Felt Mice

Well, it’s the same ones from last time, actually, so maybe I should’ve titled this post “More of the Felt Mice”. . . In any case, here they are again. I still haven’t gotten completely honed in on how many photos it takes to make a video that doesn’t zip by in five seconds flat, […]

Pincushions in Motion

Here’s a little stop-action video I made, with my felt mice and doughnut pincushions in starring roles. ;o) My video-making skills need a little polishing, but it was still fun to put together!

Home-Grown Pincushions

More pincushions from right here on the homestead! Yee-haw! It’s a pincushion round-up! (Wait. That didn’t really make much sense, did it? You’ll have to excuse me. I may tend to go a bit wild on this blog, from time to time, since I don’t think many people are actually reading it. As opposed to […]

Parade of Pincushion Links

I’m still obsessed with pincushions! –Jen Segrest’s Flickr tutorial for making a “basic bottlecap pincushion” (which can be adapted and/or decorated however you like). She also has a blog, with lots of pincushiony goodness. –Bella Dia’s “Little Houses” on Flickr. They’re a charming set of pincushions made in the shapes of houses and mushroom homes […]


Don’t worry; it’s not real! ;o) Some time ago, I came across a pattern for a very cute mouse pincushion— one that I only recently got around to trying. I changed a couple of things, as you’ll probably notice if you clicked over to the tutorial. The most obvious difference is that I made my […]

Interesting Books for Stitchers and Button-Lovers

Woo, fell of the face of the Earth for a while there, but I think I’m back, now. ;o) So, maybe you received some cash over the holidays and you’re looking for a way to spend it. No? Sorry ’bout that. . . Anyway, I’ve still found a few fun books while wandering around Amazon, […]