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Crumbs, Diamonds, and Daylilies

Overdue for an update!   First up, I finished a diamond painting!  It was my first one with square drills.  I can see the positives of using DPs with square drills.  There are more of them per square inch, so you can get a crisper image in a smaller size canvas, compared to the round drills… […]

Autumn in April and Goofy GIFs

Most of my “hobby time” lately has been devoted to listening to Victorian/Edwardian ghostly/mysterious short stories on YouTube (I recommend Bitesized Audio Classics!) while working on a diamond painting.  The diamond painting is on an autumnal theme, so it’s a perfect match. 😁 Actually, though– as I may have mentioned here a few dozen times […]

WIP Updates (and Some Griping About Flickr…)

I have an update on the yarn I’ll use for the 2018 Advent Scarf project, but that’ll wait for another blog post.  This time, I’m here to share a couple of progress photos of a couple of WIPs (and to complain a little about something). First, there’s the “Sitka Spruce” hat.  As expected, it looked […]

Reuters Bans RAW Photos (and Yarn-Craft Updates)

This is a fairly off-topic post from the usual fare, but I suppose photography is a “craft”, too, so it fits well enough.  In any case, it’s something that interests me, as an amateur photographer. Maybe it’s not readily obvious in my recent photos– because I tend to take fairly blah WIP and FO photos, […]