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Day 18: Craft Books

As I’ve done all through this photo challenge, I’m focusing on yarn crafts, so I left out any books about other crafts. These are (most of) my crochet and knitting books and booklets.  I’ve left out one book by accident and a few vintage pamphlets/magazines by design (didn’t want to dig them out), but this […]

Day 17: Last FO I Used

Not counting the FOs I use continuously– doilies, decorative pot holders, dish scrubbers, and my crochet/knitting tool pincushion– I think this is the last FO (finished object) I used.  This is my “Very Vintage V-Stitch-Ghan”.  It’s not exactly afghan weather here (hasn’t been for a couple months and won’t be until late October, probably), but […]

Day 16: Texture

The next prompt in the Month of Craft Photos Challenge is “Texture”. This is some of the most highly textured yarn in my stash.  It’s Yarn Bee Highland Thistle (now discontinued) bought on clearance years ago.  I kind of like it, though the colors are very pink and purple, which Little Girl Me would have […]

Day 15: A New Skill

The newest knitting skill I’ve learned is how to knit the “feather and fan”/ “old shale” pattern.  It’s the laciest knitting I’ve done to date… possibly excluding the One Row Scarf– but that one didn’t feel as much like lace as this does.  (I need to get back to work on Multnomah again…) After I […]

Day 14: Where I Craft

Though I occasionally crochet or knit while sitting in bed, most of the time, I’m seated either right there at my favorite spot on the couch (note the crochet thread and doily on the end table) or at the computer desk in the background.  

Day 13: Inspiration Indoors

I’m probably taking this more literally than intended, but this is where I get most of my inspiration– online (Ravelry, for instance) and from the photos of craft books.  I have to be careful, though; looking too much at patterns and finished projects in either place can make me want to drop whatever I’m already […]

I Hereby Decree…

I’ve decided that I’m taking a day or two off the Month of Craft Photos thing.  (Since I’m not even playing along on Flickr, who’s to care?)  I just don’t feel the motivation on the weekends, and this (late) afternoon, I’m so tired.  The thought of figuring out what to photograph was not fun at […]

Day 12: A Crafty Gift

The crafty gifts I’ve made are either given (so that I can’t easily photograph them today) or are still a secret… so I’ll just substitute a photo I took earlier, back before I gave the gift. This is the afghan I crocheted for my niece, Clarabel, back before we knew whether she was going to […]

Day 11: A WIP

This is the yellow doily I’ve mentioned a couple times before.  It’s the “Double Pineapple Doily” from American Thread Company.  The pattern’s from 1952 and available for free online.  It’s written a little differently from modern doily patterns, but it doesn’t take long to get into the groove of it.  Yellow is not one of […]

Day 10: My Craft “Bag”

I don’t really have a dedicated “craft bag”, as such– mainly because I rarely take my crafts out of the house.  Around the house, I keep small projects/yarn in a bowl, ceramic flower pot, or whatever else seems suitable.  For larger projects, where there’s lots of yarn to keep corralled, I’m partial to plastic tote […]