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Always Playing Catch-Up!

Gosh, I knew it had been a while since my last blog post, but I didn’t realize it had been that long!   For more than a year, now, Donald’s been sole owner of his web-design business, and I’ve been pitching in where I could, originally with small, sporadic jobs.  I’ve been depositing checks, mailing invoices (before […]

More FOs and WIPs

There’s another FO for the blog!  I’ve lost track of how many years this particular project has been in hibernation.  It spent some time in a basket in the closet, I think, then moved to the computer desk, where (surely!) I would see it and be inspired to finish it.  (No, I just stopped noticing […]

It’s Been a While!

It’s been a long time!  I got a new computer at the end of 2019, which necessitated getting all the programs reinstalled, including some so-called upgrades that actually mean more work rather than less.  (I’ll just go ahead and admit that I hate change.  I like things to be where I expect them to be […]

Christmas Projects (2018)

I ended up not doing much in the way of Christmas projects for 2018. The advent scarf went into hibernation mode.  (I’ll pick it back up again, eventually, when I’m in the right mood.) I did make some progress on those long (long, long)-overdue hedgehog mittens, but they’re also in time-out.  Next up is attaching […]

WIPs: Ahmanet and Japanese Stitches Scarf

I’m just popping in to give a couple of quick project updates.  First, I’m still slowly crocheting my way through “Ahmanet”.  It’s taken a backseat to my other current WIP, but every so often it gets a little attention.  Here’s the latest progress photo: It’s a little rumpled, but you can at least get an […]

FO: Cables and Lace Advent Scarf (2015)

If you’ve been reading along, you know that I recently washed and blocked (for the first time) an Advent scarf I knitted three years ago.  If I remember correctly, I finished the knitting not too long after the holiday season, but I then took a long, long time to decide how to finish it– then […]

So Much for Good Intentions!

Well, I washed and blocked the 2015 Advent Scarf. (I also blocked a couple of small cable swatches knitted from the same yarn, mentioned briefly at the end of this post.  Basically, they’re an excuse to try out cable patterns just for the fun of it, and I have nebulous plans to frame them for […]

WIP Updates (and Some Griping About Flickr…)

I have an update on the yarn I’ll use for the 2018 Advent Scarf project, but that’ll wait for another blog post.  This time, I’m here to share a couple of progress photos of a couple of WIPs (and to complain a little about something). First, there’s the “Sitka Spruce” hat.  As expected, it looked […]

Let’s Knit an Advent Scarf!

A few years ago, I participated in Tricia Weatherston’s advent scarf for 2015– the “Cables and Lace Advent Scarf“.  (The pattern is not currently available, unfortunately.) Much to my shame, I still haven’t finished that project! (!!!)  I think I did all the knitting, but I’m not sure if I ever bound off… I know […]

A Scrabble Bag, Bobbins, and Two WIPs

The silver plastic tile bag that came with our game of Scrabble was falling apart at the seams, so I decided to sew us a new one.  I don’t have a lot of experience sewing bags– or anything “3-D” / not blanket-flat. I’ve hemmed some cut-off jeans (hurray for cooler capri pants!), made some pillow […]