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Leaf Gel Prints

Gel Printing with Leaves I’d been wanting to play around with gel-printing leaves again, so one day recently I decided to do just that.   Apart from the gel plate and brayer, it doesn’t take much—just some acrylic paint and a handful of leaves gathered from outdoors.   Usually, you start with a darker color of paint.  […]

Crumb Quilt Top Finished

Just a quick update today!   I finished putting together those strips of crumbs and denim.  The result is stay-stitched, folded, and put away for quilting at a later date.   A few photos (though there’s not much to see, really): Not much more to say about this one! When I went to look at the leftover […]

Crumbs & Gel Prints

I feel like I’m perpetually behind schedule, so far this month.  (It’s been busy!)  Still, I want to take just a few minutes to update this blog so that it doesn’t get too far behind (and I don’t fall out of the habit of updating it… again). Last time, I wrote that I thought I’d […]

Bitcoins & Playing with Paint

Since last time, I’ve finished building the long strips/columns for the “Bitcoin” quilt.  Next was joining them along the vertical edges.  Such long, twisty pieces are not easy to lay out and arrange, so I decided to just let it be completely random.  I tried to mix earlier strips with later ones to get a […]