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Quilting in Progress!

Making progress on the “Use It Up” quilt (a.k.a. the crumbs and words quilt)!   This week I’ve pieced a backing for the quilt.  Originally, I was just going to use a single large piece (or two) of flannel for the backing, but as I dug through the stash, I found that I’d marked some of […]

Finished! Second “Tall Tales” Quilt

Did I write about this one already?  I probably mentioned that I had finally bound this quilt, but I don’t know if I posted photos or not.   To be honest, photos are almost pointless, because this quilt is so similar to the other version as to be nearly interchangeable.  Some of the “book covers” are […]

Autumn Leaves and Spring Flowers

I’ve spent some time this weekend putting together the cream/beige-background leaf blocks… This is a tentative layout, minus the sashing and border.   The border will probably take a while to pull together.  I believe I have enough HSTs ready, but I need to arrange them pleasingly and join them.  We’ve been having unpleasantly warm and […]

Quilting the Hunter’s String Star Quilt

Since my last blog post, I’ve assembled the book blocks into two quilt tops.  For the first quilt top, I joined them in the plain old regular way, and for the second, I used the webbing method.  (This wasn’t intentional.  I simply didn’t remember to web them when I joined the first group.)   I webbed […]

FMQ: Texture and Doodles

I’ve mentioned before that I was playing around with quilting on some flannel and then turning it into crate pads for Frodo.  Well, I’ve done some more of that.  I had a lot of fun practicing my FMQ (free-motion quilting), and I do think I’m getting better at controlling the machine.  (Better than I was, […]