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A Little of Everything

It’s happened again!  Time keeps slippin’ into the future, as they say! 😜 I was ready to post some photos a couple of weeks ago, but then I had technical difficulties, which meant no photos.  A craft blog without photos is a very sad thing, so the blog went on hold. There was nothing we […]

Miniature Bunting

Last time, I shared a photo of supplies gathered for making mini bunting to decorate my craft room.  I made most of it during the weekend.  I was surprised at how quickly it came together– but also by how far those triangles went.  I ended up with much more bunting than I’d expected!  Not a […]

More Finished Projects

Continuing where my last post left off… I made a couple of doilies for Granny W. using a dusty rose thread that matches some of her decor. First, a pattern that I’ve used before (in blue, that time).  I found the chart online, and I don’t  remember much about it.  I don’t know its name– […]

New Photos of Old Mice

Though I’ve posted a couple of videos featuring these felt mice pincushions, I don’t think I’ve ever put up a still photo of the group. Here are a couple: (I’ve written before about making this type of pincushion. The mice in the tutorial from which I got the idea look a little different from mine. […]

More Felt Mice

Well, it’s the same ones from last time, actually, so maybe I should’ve titled this post “More of the Felt Mice”. . . In any case, here they are again. I still haven’t gotten completely honed in on how many photos it takes to make a video that doesn’t zip by in five seconds flat, […]

Pincushions in Motion

Here’s a little stop-action video I made, with my felt mice and doughnut pincushions in starring roles. ;o) My video-making skills need a little polishing, but it was still fun to put together!

Home-Grown Pincushions

More pincushions from right here on the homestead! Yee-haw! It’s a pincushion round-up! (Wait. That didn’t really make much sense, did it? You’ll have to excuse me. I may tend to go a bit wild on this blog, from time to time, since I don’t think many people are actually reading it. As opposed to […]

Felt Spectrum

I’m playing around with several ideas of little things to make from felt, tonight. What a lovely rainbow of possibilities!It makes me happy just looking at those soft rectangles of color! (And in case you are wondering– in light of my last post– this is synthetic felt, i.e. the cheap stuff from the craft store. […]

How Do You Feel About Felt?

Personally, I’m a fan.I love that it won’t fray, which makes it such a worry-free material for beginner sewers (like myself). Just cut out your shapes and start stitching. No need to take seam allowances into account or do all that messy folding under– and it has enough body to it that it works great […]

Felt Food: Red Velvet Cake Slice Pincushion

Note: This was originally posted earlier this year in my personal blog as part of a longer entry. I’ve snipped off the irrelevant portions. I finally got around to uploading a few photos I took of a pin cushion I made to put along with Mom’s birthday gift this year. (She has it now, so […]