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FO: Rhubarb Scarf Wannabe

Here’s another long-overdue finished object report! This is a project I’ve written about multiple times before, back when it was still in-progress.  Basically, it’s a Catherine wheel pattern worked in two colorways of the same yarn.  The whole thing was inspired by this lovely scarf, which the crocheter called her “Rhubarb Scarf”, because (if I […]

Crafting Update & Dog Photos

I don’t have a lot of craft-project progress to report, but there’s a little. – – – – – – – The faux cathedral windows denim quilt is still just sitting there, clamped down in the old Singer, looking at me reproachfully every time I go in the room.  The last time I was working […]

To Dye For

(Ah, dyeing!  What other crafty pursuit offers such rich opportunities for puns?)   I’ve dyed yarn for the edging of the Catherin Wheel scarf (a.k.a. the Rhubarb Scarf Wannabe, which in almost no way resembles the inspiration scarf). I took my last skein of “soft white” Deborah Norville’s Premier Serenity Sockweight Whatever-It’s-Called yarn… a microwave-safe […]

Dyeing Semi-Solid & a New Project

Inspired by a tutorial video mentioned in an earlier entry, I decided to dye some semi-solid yarn. I started with cream/natural (I think they call it “aran”) Fishermen’s Wool.  Wound the whole skein onto the swift into a large hank and tied in a few places (as always).  Pre-soaked the yarn.  Heated a large stock […]

Dyeing à la Microwave

Back as promised with details from the dyeing! Administer caffeine now, because this one’s a rambler… (Or, you know, skim and/or skip at will.) – – – – – – – The goal was to dye yarn with (what I believe are usually called) long color repeats. The key to long color repeats is to […]

Purposeful Dyeing

A couple of days ago, something reminded me of a scarf that I’ve admired for years– Moonstitches’ Rhubarb Scarf.  I’d like to make something similar.  The stitch itself seems simple enough.  It’s a version of the well-known “Catherine Wheel”.  What’s more, there’s now a free pattern inspired by the scarf, so you don’t have to […]

Finally Some Photos!

Various and Sundry: The linen stitch cowl was put on almost-finished hold because I’m not sure how “tall” I want it to be.  Also, because I was getting a little tired of it.  (I do love the way linen stitch looks, though, and I’m saving all my smaller remnants of wool-based yarn for a linen […]

A Few Photos

I actually took a few craft-related photos, earlier this week!  (It’s hard to believe, I know.) – – – – – – – A few doilies… …including two of the same pattern. This is the Peony Doily, which is a free pattern. There are a few issues with the pattern, but nothing too bad, and […]

Temperature vs. Humidity in the Race to Dry

I added some more motifs to the Gypsying afghan, over the weekend, and this afternoon I laid it out on the bed where I could look at it.  Placing the still unattached motifs beside it, I think I’ve worked out how many more rows/columns I need to add.  (Two of each.)  Then I’ll have to […]

Gift-Giving Season: An Early Freak-Out

Augh! Where does the time go?  It’s already Thanksgiving (and then Black Friday) this week!  Monday is my husband’s birthday (already?!)… and then the month of December will be whisking by, with all its gatherings and obligations. How does this happen every year?  I love the holidays in theory, but gosh, they have a way […]