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Leaf Gel Prints

Gel Printing with Leaves I’d been wanting to play around with gel-printing leaves again, so one day recently I decided to do just that.   Apart from the gel plate and brayer, it doesn’t take much—just some acrylic paint and a handful of leaves gathered from outdoors.   Usually, you start with a darker color of paint.  […]

Spooky Season Piecing

Well, I wasn’t happy with how the quilting machine was behaving (skipping some stitches), so I’ve left it for now.  Soon I’ll need to get back to it, but for now, I’ve allowed myself to start another quilt, instead.  I had a set of Halloween-themed fat quarters bought on clearance a while back, and this […]

Little This, Little That

Trying to stay “in the groove” with this craft blog!  The key does seem to be posting regularly, even if there’s nothing momentous to report.   You may have noticed the font size on this blog changed recently.  I’ve been increasing it, because when I checked how it looks on the tablet (and maybe the phone, […]

Diamond Painting (FO and a New One)

I finished a larger-than-usual (for me) diamond painting, since last time.  There wasn’t much left to do, after I filled in most of it while Donald was travelling in July.  (He went to a figure-painting show in the Netherlands, then visited his family in Sweden.)  I needed a break from it, so set it aside.  […]

The Writing’s on the (Design) Wall

I applied the binding to the latest quilt (“Retro-Cali Ribbon Stars”).  Then it spent a week waiting for me to stitch down the last side of the label.  I tend to put off hand-stitching, because I don’t love it.  When I finally did it, though, it really wasn’t that bad, so I went ahead and […]

Always Playing Catch-Up!

Gosh, I knew it had been a while since my last blog post, but I didn’t realize it had been that long!   For more than a year, now, Donald’s been sole owner of his web-design business, and I’ve been pitching in where I could, originally with small, sporadic jobs.  I’ve been depositing checks, mailing invoices (before […]

October Catch-Up

This blog has been quiet for the past month-and-a-half.  What with one thing and another, it hasn’t felt like the time to write.  Donald was away for a while to attend his father’s funeral and spend some time with the rest of his family in Sweden.  Now that he’s back home again and we’re returning […]

Crumbs, Diamonds, and Daylilies

Overdue for an update!   First up, I finished a diamond painting!  It was my first one with square drills.  I can see the positives of using DPs with square drills.  There are more of them per square inch, so you can get a crisper image in a smaller size canvas, compared to the round drills… […]

A Little of Everything

It’s happened again!  Time keeps slippin’ into the future, as they say! 😜 I was ready to post some photos a couple of weeks ago, but then I had technical difficulties, which meant no photos.  A craft blog without photos is a very sad thing, so the blog went on hold. There was nothing we […]

Diamond Painting #2

I finished my second little diamond painting yesterday.  It came in a set of two fox-themed pictures, and I chose to work on it first because I like the other one better and wanted to save it for later.  This one’s not bad, but the fox takes up less of the picture, so it doesn’t […]