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Springtime, Sniffles, and a Change of Plans

Last week, Donald came down with a cold, and a few days later, I came stumbling after.  As colds go, it hasn’t been a particularly bad one, and it’s been a long, long time since I’ve had an actual cold (as opposed to a few sniffles or sneezes from allergies).  The timing’s not great, though, […]

Leaping into Another Project (Soon!)

It’s my last chance to update the blog during the month of February—and an opportunity to get a February 29th time/date stamp—so here I am! Spring has made its presence known, though we’re currently experiencing a brief cool spell.  The Japanese magnolias, azaleas, and loropetalum (pink and white) are all in full bloom.  It’s time […]

More of the Same Through August

Joining Up the Cherry Crunch… I started putting together the pieces for “Cherry Crunch”!   The units on the design wall are now long strips waiting to be joined together… The units for the remaining five rows are now arranged on the design wall, instead: And at the end of that, somehow I ended up with […]

Finished Flimsy: Bitcoin

I finished the “Bitcoin” quilt top!  Phew!  Sewing and pressing those last couple of seams was a relief.  I’m ready for something less chaotic, for the next project.   Sewing the long strips together with all those nesting seams was a bit slow going.  I’m not in a hurry to make this one again, but I […]

2nd UFO Project of 2023

Continuing on from last time… With the rainbow strings UFO project set aside, I moved on to the next UFO.  This is another string-based project I started but never finished.  (Seeing a trend?  I get excited about string-piecing and crumb-piecing— strings especially when I want to use the treadle— but sometimes I don’t start with […]

Welcoming the Juki into the Fold

There’s a new sewing machine in the house!  And this time it’s an actual new machine, not a “new” vintage machine.   I bought my “old” computerized sewing machine– a Brother Designio DZ2400– during a Black Friday sale in 2014.  It’s been a good machine, and it’s still going pretty strong.  So much so that I’m […]

Halloween Piecing Continues

The Halloween quilt is still coming together, a few blocks at a time.   I’ve been selecting the fabric for three blocks, then cutting out the pieces (stacking them as I go). This is how I’ve been “storing” the fabric for this project.  😁 It’s worked out well.  Makes it easy to see what I have […]

Quilting in Progress!

Making progress on the “Use It Up” quilt (a.k.a. the crumbs and words quilt)!   This week I’ve pieced a backing for the quilt.  Originally, I was just going to use a single large piece (or two) of flannel for the backing, but as I dug through the stash, I found that I’d marked some of […]

The Minnesota Comes to Alabama

Warning! 😉 This is a particularly long blog post.  It’s essentially everything I know and want to remember about a new-to-me sewing machine, so it probably has a lot more information than anyone else (except possibly a budding fan of vintage sewing machines) would ever want or need.  Tl;dr version:  I bought a treadle sewing machine […]

What the Scrap Happened Here?!

I’ve been putting off doing anything “real” in the arena of piecing and quilting.  Instead, I thought playing with crumbs might be a fun post-Thanksgiving project.   There’s a crumb project already in progress, but I had put that all away in shoe boxes to make room for other WIPs.  This time, I first just pulled […]