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Holding Pattern

We’ve entered that late spring/early summer period when the bulk of our daylilies are in bloom, along with some other things.  I took a few photos on one of the nicer mornings we’ve had recently: And a couple of dog photos for good measure! Luna, the biscuit queen Mr. Frodo in weird wide-angle Selvage Quilt […]

Lost My Quilt Momentum…

The weather’s been like a see-saw around here, lately—up and down.  It got warm enough that we needed the A/C for a while, then it cooled down and was dry enough that we opened the windows again (though with the privet blooming it wasn’t quite as nice)—and now it’s getting warmer and more humid again.  […]

Crumbs & Gel Prints

I feel like I’m perpetually behind schedule, so far this month.  (It’s been busy!)  Still, I want to take just a few minutes to update this blog so that it doesn’t get too far behind (and I don’t fall out of the habit of updating it… again). Last time, I wrote that I thought I’d […]