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“Catch a Wave” Doily

Here’s a recently finished object– something I’ve labeled my “Catch a Wave” doily.

Doily in Shades of Blue

Janice (on her blog, Passion of Love) reverse engineered from a doily in her collection, explaining it to her readers as she went, as well as providing plenty of helpful photos.  (Thanks to Pammy Sue for sharing the link!)

Janice worked her doily in autumn colors to prepare for the next season, but when I looked over my own supply of partially used balls of thread, I found more blues than autumnal hues, thus the whole “Catch a Wave” thing.

This was originally supposed to be a CAL, but I came to the party late.  That doesn’t really matter, though, and the pattern’s still there for any other latecomers.

It was an interesting change of pace to work from something other than a traditional written pattern or a chart.  However, practically my first real project was worked from something written in the same “tutorial” style– Lucy’s (from Attic24) JAYG hexagon pattern. 

At first, I wasn’t sure the center of the doily was going to lay flat for me, but (as often happens) later rounds helped smooth it down.  I love the way the doily turned out!  The ruffle section, especially, is unlike any other doily I’ve made.  Very neat construction.  I also like the use of more than one color, so I’ll have to try more of that, in future.

I had to laugh at myself, though, when I took out the blocking pins.  The rose in the center of the doily was missing three petals from the second tier!  I don’t know how it happened, but they were nowhere to be seen, though the chain loops they were meant to have gone into were ready and waiting.  Fortunately, it wasn’t difficult to fix.  Just reattach the thread, crochet the three missing petals, fasten off, and weave in the two tails.  I don’t think anyone will ever know– well, as long as they don’t read this blog.  ;o)

Thank you for the doily pattern, Janice!  I’ll keep this one in mind for the future!

Doily in Shades of Blue

Doily in Shades of Blue

 – – – – – – –

The “Frosting” cowl is growing a few rows at a time.  On the second ball of yarn, now.  (Bamboo Ewe, discontinued.)  I’m not sure yet if I’ll need to use the third ball or not…

Frosting Cowl - Progress Shot

– – – – – – –

As predicted, I’m procrastinating doing the research necessary before starting the Rhubarb Scarf copy.  (Tsk, tsk…)

Also procrastinating on this week’s clue for the Mysteryghan.  The next clue will tell how it goes together (and how to work the edging), so I’m holding off until then.  (I’m not sure how I want to work part of the current week’s clue, so more information would help.  Also, mid-August, so no urgent need for this afghan to be finished right now.)

…And …There’s some cream-colored yarn pre-soaking in anticipation of a little semi-solid/kettle-dyeing.  (I blame this video, entirely.)


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