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Booties & Dodecahedron

I made a couple more crochet items to put in with our baby shower gift.

First:  Rainbowy Dodecahedron

Colorful Crocheted Dodecahedron

(Here’s the project page on Ravelry, where you can also find the pattern.)

Instead of making the full-sized pattern, I stopped after round 10.  I think it turned out plenty big enough this way (for a baby/toddler toy). 

You can read more about my impressions of the project on Ravelry, if you’re so inclined.  Basically, once you get started, it’s a fast project, but putting the “modules” (points) together can be a little messy.  I explain the method by which I finally understood we are meant to join them in my Ravelry notes. 

Second:  Booties

Booties - Small

I actually made two pairs of booties, because the first turned out so tiny I didn’t suppose the baby’s feet would fit into them even as a newborn.

This was my first time making booties, and I wasn’t that excited about making them, honestly– but I thought there’d be a lot of adorable patterns out there, available for free.  I was kind of disappointed by the selection I found.  I didn’t want to pay for a pattern, because to me, the booties were just an extra– a photo prop.  I wasn’t sure what size to make and didn’t even know if they’d ever be worn.  If I were going to pay, I’m kind of smitten with these:  Double Strap Baby Booties.  (I wonder how hard they are to get to fit, though, with those straps…)

Anyway, here’s the project page for the ones (both pair) I did end up making.  They’re ok for a photo op, but they’re not my favorite thing I’ve ever made.  There’s information in my Ravelry notes about how I deviated from the original pattern to make the second pair larger without going up a couple hook sizes.

Since the baby hasn’t been born yet, I don’t know if either pair will fit at all.  (See?  This is why I don’t like making things that have to fit.  It’s so much fussier than blankets, scarves, and doilies.)


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