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Blogs of the Bizarre

A couple weeks ago, I actually went into a temporary sewing frenzy, whipping up six items for gifts in a matter of only a couple of days. (Three ragged denim and flannel totes and three plastic bag dispensers.) Unfortunately, because I was working on them literally until the very last minute, I didn’t have time to take any photos. (That always seems to happen when I’m making gifts! A side effect of my dreadful procrastination.)

In better news, some time ago I came across a blog I deemed worthy of bookmarking: What Not to Crochet. As the title suggests, the blog features crochet projects that the author (at least) doesn’t recommend. Mostly it’s just bizarre or unattractive pieces of crochet– and that’s always fun to look at, right? ;o)

From there, I found a few similar blogs:

You Knit What??
Same premise, only with knitting instead of crochet.

What Not to Knit
Another blog about knitting disasters.

The Purse Blog, “Fugly” entries
This time, ugly bags have the spotlight.

Note: Please don’t be upset if you actually like some of these so-called “ugly” creations. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. . . or creator! Oh, and I haven’t read my way through all of these blogs. Any of them could possibly contain offensive language. In the little reading of them I’ve done so far, I’ve come across a few different instances of “I wouldn’t want my (theoretical) kids reading that…” So proceed with caution, if you’re careful about that kind of thing.

This makes me want to get out my crocheting and see if I’ve forgotten the very most basic basics I’d managed to pick up before I set it aside… Is it wrong that a “what NOT to crochet” blog makes me want to crochet? (g)


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