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Billowy Delight Now More Delightful

Well, maybe “delightful” is a bit of a stretch, but at least I’m finding knitting the Billowy Delight scarf more pleasant than the last time I was working on it.  That’s my current WIP-of-choice, while I wait for the next Mysteryghan clue.  (Coming on Friday!  I know what I’ll be doing Friday night, assuming we don’t go anywhere for Fourth of July fireworks.)

Billowy Delight is nicer to knit when you have something to listen to.  TV.  Audiobook.  Should I admit that I, a grown woman, am working my way through Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, which is my current choice of lunchtime entertainment?  It’s such a silly teen drama, but it’s addictive.  For audiobooks, it’s Madam, Will You Talk, by Mary Stewart, in the evenings, if I’m not in the mood for music and there’s nothing worth watching on TV… and there rarely is, at the moment.  Summertime TV is lacking.  I’m curious about NBC’s upcoming Welcome to Sweden, though.  All those Swedish stereotypes… Should be annoying fun.  ;o) 

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I added a bag of partially used-up balls of novelty yarn to my pile of donations destined for a local thrift store.  It’s the remnants of the yarn I was using for that novelty yarn afghan.  The one that I just didn’t want to finish, because Life’s Too Short to Crochet Something You Hate.  The part I’ve already crocheted will, I guess, become a dog blanket, but it’s very narrow for a blanket.  I suppose I could donate that to charity, too, but honestly, I can’t see why anyone would want the thing… It’s too wide to work as a scarf, not to mention that it’s exceptionally thick and bulky and bizarre-looking.  No, doggy “blanket” it is!  I’m sure Luna will be thrilled.  (Actually, she probably will be.  She’ll drag that monstrosity around and plop down on it and find a good corner to chew.  All under close supervision, of course.) 


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