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Bad Puppy!

Luna broke out of “her room” (i.e. the dining room, which we’ve temporarily stripped of most furniture and sectioned off from the rest of the house) last night and had herself a good ol’ time.  It’s not the first time this has happened, but it’s the first time it’s happened that Trixie didn’t let us know. Also, it’s the first time that Luna noticed my yarn, apparently.

This morning, I was greeted by this mess:

Luna's Yarn Mess

And this was after Donald tidied things up, he says.  (He happened to be the first one up today and wanted to soften the blow.)


At least it was only acrylic yarn.  It could’ve been worse.  There were finished squares she could have chewed into bits (not to mention furniture, walls, cables, etc.), and there’s a ball of laceweight on the coffee table that she probably could have gotten, if she’d been determined.  Still, not the sort of thing to fill a crocheter’s heart with joy.

The yellow-green yarn was the worst, by far.  It’s a whole, unopened skein of Vanna’s Choice.  Or, well, it was unopened until Luna decided that it was a very early Christmas present just for her.  Vanna’s Choice isn’t exactly luxury yarn, but I try to be frugal with my craft purchases– plus it was a whole skein— and I think that color (Grass) has been discontinued– and I wanted to use it for the Old-Fashioned Sampler afghan.  So I sat down and started untangling.

I ended up cutting a couple of times to make the untangling easier, so it’s in a few balls instead of one nice skein– but it’s all salvaged and ready for crocheting.

There’s a saying that comes to mind right about now… Ah, yes: “You’re lucky you’re cute, dog.”

Maybe it’s time to start putting her in her crate at night… If not, I will at least be stowing all yarn well out of reach!


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